Standing up for Hendon

I’m proud and honoured to have been selected to stand for Labour in Hendon at the general election on 8 June.

Below is the press release that Hendon Labour issued on my selection. I won’t be tending this blog for the duration of the campaign; please visit the Hendon Labour website for information on campaigning activities.

It would be great to see friends old and new out on the campaign trail. If you’d like to donate to my camapign, youor contribution would be very welcome here.


1 May 2017 – for immediate use


Mike Katz has been selected to stand for the Labour Party in Hendon in the General Election on 8 June.

Mike, father of two, said he will fight to protect our NHS, schools, police and to prevent ideologically driven Conservatives, like Hendon’s current MP, imposing a far-right Brexit that Hendon people didn’t support in last year’s referendum. 

Mike stood last year as a London-wide candidate in the Assembly elections, campaigning with Sadiq Khan. He is national Vice-Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, one of the Labour Party’s oldest affiliates.

Mike Katz said:

“It’s a huge honour to be selected to fight Hendon. 

I was born and raised in north-west London; my Mum grew up in Edgware and so I know it well.

I know from talking to local people how worried they are about their standard of living, cuts to the local NHS and schools and the impact of a job-destroying, cliff edge, hard Brexit. They’re right to fear a future under a Conservative government. If elected, I will fight for an open approach to Europe and Brexit which protects the local economy and jobs.

One of Hendon’s greatest strengths is its diversity. I’ve fought hard to challenge antisemitism, racism and all hate speech wherever it rears its head, and I will continue to do so as Hendon’s MP.

I look forward to taking over from Andrew Dismore AM, who’s done so much to serve the area for the last two decades, as MP and Assembly Member.

We’ve had seven years of a Conservative Government and MP here in Hendon failing local families. It’s time voters in Hendon had a Labour MP again, and a Government that will put the interests of the many first.”

Andrew Dismore, former Hendon MP (1997 to 2010), Labour Parliamentary Candidate in 2010 and 2015, and Labour London Assembly member said:

“I cannot think of a better choice for Labour’s candidate for Hendon. I have known Mike for a number of years and he will undoubtedly be the dedicated and hardworking MP for all of Hendon’s people that this constituency has the right to expect. I fully endorse Mike Katz as Labour’s candidate and I have no hesitation in ‘passing on the baton’ to Mike, for whom I shall l be campaigning over the weeks leading up to the election. I urge all those voters who have in the past supported me in the ballot box to vote for Mike Katz on 8 June.”

Sian John, Chair of Hendon Constituency Labour Party said:

“On behalf of all our members, I welcome Mike Katz as our choice to fight the 8 June election. Mike has shown real commitment to Hendon, campaigning hard for Labour in the last General Election and in last year’s Mayoral elections. Mike is the ideal person to represent Labour in winning back Hendon from the Conservative MP, who has done nothing to distinguish himself or the Hendon constituency in the years he has sat in Parliament.

“As a Mill Hill resident, I know that many people of all political persuasions feel let down by our current Conservative MP and desperately want a change back to Labour.  Mike brings fresh vigour and ideas to our campaign and I look to see him returned as our MP in a few weeks’ time.”