Red letter days

As the local elections approach; it becomes clearer than ever how much people in Barnet need a Labour council.

The latest bout of Tory infighting has seen three of their most long-standing councillors deselected, for being insufficiently right-wing or pro-Brexit – one has resigned the whip throwing the administration into no overall control.

Whether it’s on Brexit, local services, affordable housing, or transport links, the local Tories are out of touch and have nothing to offer residents – whereas Labour has a progressive, positive vision for a brighter Barnet.

Here are some letters I’ve written to the Barnet Times in recent weeks on just that theme.

Barnet Tms letter - Offord ERG - 010318Barnet_Times_letter_150318[1]Barnet_Tms_letter_-_orbital_rail_-_080318[1]