Finishing the job in Hendon

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It was an honour to stand as Hendon Labour’s candidate at the last election. I was proud to lead a campaign which gained more votes for Labour than at any time since 1997.

And I was prouder still of the campaign we built in Hendon; bringing together activists from across the constituency, engaging people who’d never voted Labour before with a real vision for what Labour in government could deliver. I’m re-standing to be Labour’s candidate to finish the job.

This country needs Labour. That has never been clearer as this wretched government botches Brexit, ignores the housing crisis and continues to cut public services to the bone.

And Hendon needs Labour. From outsourcing and neglect of council services, to regeneration which puts developers ahead of the local community, to an MP who backs a hard Brexit which will be a disaster for jobs and businesses, the Tories have utterly failed local people. Last year I committed to consulting residents on Brexit: we shouldn’t shut down debate on a people’s vote.

The values that Labour put forward at the 2017 election, through a manifesto which genuinely united the Party, showed Labour can offer a real, socialist alternative to the Tories. As Hendon’s candidate, our campaign would be framed by those values.

I’ve campaigned in Hendon from before the 2014 elections and I was born and raised in north-west London. Much of my family grew up in Edgware; my mum taught at Frith Manor in Mill Hill, and my grandfather helped set up Edgware United Synagogue.

Since joining the Party 25 years ago, I’ve campaigned for Labour values. I’ve been a PPC twice; a GLA candidate in 2016, helping Sadiq and Andrew Dismore win; and a councillor fighting payday lending, helping save a dementia centre and securing more school places. Now I’m vice-chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, leading our campaign to challenge antisemitism, wherever it occurs.

Hendon deserves an MP who actually cares about the community, and a socialist Labour government which will deliver a better society. Together, through our common endeavour, we can make this a reality.


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