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Finishing the job in Hendon Comments Off

Finishing the job in Hendon

Posted on 9 September 2018

Originally posted on my Facebook page – It was an honour to stand as Hendon Labour’s candidate at the last election. I was proud to lead a campaign which gained more votes for Labour...

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Actions, not words Comments Off

Actions, not words

Posted on 28 March 2018

This article was originally written for LabourList and was also published on JLM’S Jewish Vanguard journal. On Monday night – with barely more than 24 hours notice – a vibrant cross-section of this...

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Red letter days Comments Off

Red letter days

Posted on 20 March 2018

As the local elections approach; it becomes clearer than ever how much people in Barnet need a Labour council. The latest bout of Tory infighting has seen three of their most long-standing councillors...

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Vote of thanks Comments Off

Vote of thanks

Posted on 7 July 2017

Sometimes us political campaigners aren’t as good as we should be at saying thanks to everyone who voted for us, indeed everyone who engaged in the election campaign by voting full stop. So I was glad...

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Jews and Labour: what next? Comments Off

Jews and Labour: what next?

Posted on 3 July 2017

This post was originally commissioned by, and written for, Labour Vision So, credit where credit is due. Without doubt, the biggest impact of the general election was made by Jeremy Corbyn. His calmness under...

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